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Ecotourism at Baan Sunanta Hua Hin
At Baan Sunanta Hua Hin Resort we are committed to environmental improvements within both our business and our lives. We strive to create an environment which makes it possible for all to participate - staff and guests alike. We will continue to scrutinize every area of our operations to find ways to minimize our impact on the earth. We will seek to find ways to educate others, and remind ourselves that every little bit helps, no matter how small it is. We will strive to continually make a difference – while simultaneously maintaining our commitment to provide our guests the quality service they expect and deserve.

At Baan Sunanta Hua Hin Resort our policy is to seek environmental quality improvements throughout our business operations. We believe it is our responsibility to maintain a high degree of environmental thought while improving the comforts we provide. Specific attention is paid to resource efficiency, materials management, and waste handling. We are committed to striving for environmental excellence and to serve as an example for other businesses and the community.

Baan Sunanta Hua Hin’s approach to sustainability is not to make one big splash with one giant investment. Instead our focus is to do a lot of the little things that add up to one big green initiative. Most of the savings have come from energy saving lighting, water re-using, recycling and composting.

Our environmentally friendly practises:

• We recycle the following: office paper, newspaper, glass, metal cans, plastic containers, cardboard and used batteries.
• We compost all plant cuttings and organic food.
• Recycling bins throughout resort.
• Roofs painted in light colors.
• Use of electronic reporting to reduce paper use.
• All toilets have water saving flush buttons.
• Water from bathroom sinks and showers is recycled and used to water garden plants.
• Garden water system waters plants only in the morning and in the evening when evaporation of water is smallest.
• Water efficient garden.
• Plants planted around the fence and on all roof gardens.
• Energy efficient lightbulbs are used in the rooms and all lights are turned off when the housekeeping staff leaves the room.
• All aircons are controlled by variable-speed for optimal efficiency.
• Kitchen appliances are energy efficient.
• Equipment is maintained regularly to reduce energy consumption.
• Timer is used to control water system.
• Guestroom linens are replaced on request as opposed to every day.
• Fresh Air Rooms.
• Non-Smoking Rooms policy.
• Environmental Cleaning
• Aircon filters.
• Promote Green Lodging in PR.
• Educate Staff to "green".
• Make guests aware of our "green" program.
• Eco friendly leisure at the resort